Return of the Glad-Eye

Box sets. They do draw you in, don’t they?? Between Vinyl and Billions I don’t know which way is up lately. I even turned my back on fashion, *GASP*.

It’s true.

And then, to add insult to (catwalk) injury, in one episode of Billions THIS happened. Now, to pre-empt…just in case you have not watched it…I will be vague with the characters. So, the boss is threatening this employee who is not performing well saying, ‘Remember such and such who kept sucking at work, well do you know what he does now since I fired his ass?? He’s a blogger’ and the whole office shivers in career suicide disgust. Well, janey macker, I don’t mind telling you I spat out my wine on the spot (and that is saying something). Is that how bloggers are seen??? So you see, my disillusionment grew with the whole shebang.

But, BUT, this blog is not about er…blogging…per se (stay with me), it is more about me just fantasizing about clothes I want. Right? So, shag it, I will continue regardless…screw you Bobby Axelrod (Billions fans will understand).

Therefore today, I re-emerge from under my TOO MUCH ON rock and bring to you the ZARA sale picks.

Before I begin let me say, it is slim pickings kiddos. Sad but true. ZARA is not really banging them out this year. Having said that, a few merry men are to be found. Let’s go…

I like two dresses…


This one, which is cool and easy to wear and throw on and looks like you care when really you are having a fat day and are internally pure lazy. Deadly. It’s down to €29.99.

And this one…


Because I hit my teens in the ’80s (JESUS) and I was mad into tie-dye so I am all for bringing it back. €29.99.

You all know by now that I can’t resist a jumpsuit but there are feck all in the sale so I am going for this playsuit instead.


Which clearly will hide in the wardrobe until the winter months when I can wear tights with it. Fool me once and all that… but for €14.99 that is an easy investment to make.




And, like seriously ladies, that’s it on the clothes front. Hard to accept, right??? But the shoes, ah the shoes, three goodies…


Just for messing around, but looking groovy while doing it. Yes sirree, €19.99.

This next pair INTRIGUES me….greatly.


Loafers, eh? Crazy talk? Perchance but maybe fashion GENIUS. It’s only a €19.99 gamble to take.

Eh finalement. Not much going down as I said. But let’s end on a high (heel…guffaw)


ooooopla. I’ll take a pair of those thanks. These are a mere €29.99 and are ridey. Get them.

over and out (for now).


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