What is going on lately??? I haven’t had a MINUTE for my first love…fashion. I have been running around like a crazy chicken with kids, school, work, wedding stuff, friends, nights out, 2 day hangovers, brownies, beavers, creche….MAN ALIVE…Exhaustion has set in, CLEARLY because the jacket I am wearing today I have already worn four times since this blog bonaza started. Four times??? Am I losing my touch? Am I? I say no, I am merely showcasing how one jacket can be worn (or dragged, as will become apparent) in many different ways. The jacket, which had it’s own blog post back around this time last year methinks when I picked it up…is from H&M €19.95…H&M rule for this btw, a one piece do-it-all for a next to nothing price. I hit them up quite regularly for just this very thing…

Anyway…here is me wearing it the first time.


Looking all pensive and with a knowing smile. Perhaps because I knew back then that my jacket of dreams would last me a while. A coup! I have just noticed that I am wearing that necklace again today too…I need to go shopping, obvs. But, nice jacket, right? A bit Noel Coward esque but I like that. So, the first look was with go-faster-stripe white jeans and crazy shoes from ASOS. Groovy.

Then, fast forward a few months and I mixed it up a bit with patterned flowery trews and another questionable smirk.


OHMYGOD and the same necklace. This is getting embarrassing. But a different over the shoulder bag effect and my possibly favourite pair of shoes these days, from Zara. Out and about, autumn just about to hit, you’ll notice from the backdrop.

Where to next…well a bit of a drag this one (GUFFAW, I kill myself)



With another pair of in your face trousers and a look of love to my little boy who was inside the window being super cute. Blame him for my lack of blogness lately. Ah but these are precious times…

Also, a DIFFERENT necklace. Phew, a little bit of street cred back.

And finally for your viewing pleasure today. Now in my defence I am very tired, I was up quite a bit during the night with the aforementioned cutie toots there, also Tuesday is my Monday at work and I am NOT in the mood today. But the jacket…well the jacket helped.


A touch of the Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka about it but big shades were a necessity. I think you’ll agree though, the jacket really does dress it up a bit, I mean, it is just jeans and a tee but it looks a little better with my blue boy wonder. What an original necklace I hear you cry…

Oh dear…roll on the summer holidays and no more school runs and trips to the SHOPS.

I’ll be back x

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