One Hit Wonder

Hello all, man how GOOD is this weather?? Put’s a right feather in your cap. So, in light of this five days of summer we are having I am wearing a little dress for the season, which I found on ASOS. Ages ago, I might mention, it has been sitting in my saved box for quite the while, but I splashed out last week and put the order in…

Here it is on the young wan onsite.


So what if the model wearing it is like eleven…I’ll take that challenge…age is just a number right!!?? Plus it’s nice, right? And it cost next to nothing, here’s the link if you feel suitably inclined…

Was pure glad I had it hand this morning, it’s a perfect little gem for the day that’s it in…I styled it up with some boots I got in Zara about 75 million years ago…and a little tee from Penneys, because it’s not THAT warm.

Ta dah!


Oh and coolio shades from H&M. Ready to rock. Not much else to say there chicas, except ehhhhhh, get the dress!

A couple more shots from this morning where my daughter is behind the camera telling me what to do…no doubt I should get used to that.


And, other side Ma…


Leading me nicely to the cuff…from Mango.

And that’s it for today…well except for the fact that now that the dress is gone out of my saved box, there is room for more…and come on down my next two victims…


I LOVE THESE. A true love that will last a lifetime.


Those shoes will need a dress. I will gladly introduce them.

Watch this space…


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