Downtime Dilemma

Now, you know that you have been leaving the house lately and like, double checking you have your keys, looking for your wallet, triple locking the front door, because you just FEEL that something is missing?

It was me!

But I am back, so you can relax…Yes, even fashion bloggers du jour need a holiday and I was away in the beautiful wild atlantic way with the family, drinking wine, eating crisps, wearing pjs, and generally being a lazy bones. Mangetout.

However, a rather unusual fashion problem presented itself while I was on a down and out week…what the hell do you wear when you are not really interested and want to stay in pjs, but you have to get dressed because little people are making you go out…If you see my plight…

It’s not easy, let me tell you, EVERYday last week I looked like a tired mother who was just wearing the laundry basket top layer as my life was over and why bother anymore anyway sure don’t I have the kids. Jaysis. I need to revamp my relax taxi wardrobe immediately people!

So, firstly some inspiration for my new homeboy look. What I am really trying to avoid is the… ‘I’m not like other moms, I am a cool mom’ aka Amy Poehler in Mean Girls.


EEKS. To the celebrities fast…sure they always get it right, er…right?

Not so if you are Lily Cole…

lily cole

Oh dear. She actually POSED for this shot. No judgement here, many’s the time I have worn pretty much this exact look for a trip to the shop Sunday morning, but I would leggit like Billy Whizz if anyone came near me with a camera, like would you FECK off…

Right, I know what I don’t want clearly, let’s get down to brass tacks, a couple of coolies to take notes from…


Ah yeah, groovy Gwen, perhaps a bit too much for a trip to Aldi but still it’s a step away from the obvious choice of tracksuit.

jourdan dunn green tracks

Now we are getting somewhere, Jourdan Dunn looking great even though she is in outside pyjamas. Not really digging her shoe choice but look, you can’t have everything.


Le Gigi. Effortlessly cool. But I stay well clear of belly tops these days. However, I have some idea of where I want to go. To this end, I have a few solid choices I feel, for those days off when only comfort will do, EDGY comfort.

mango 25.95 pants 19.95

This is a good start. This is lovely Mango and the top and trousers are €25.95 and €19.95 respectively. Grand, and no thought needed in the morning because you buy the two and you are game on.

asos pull and bear trs 25.34 top 19.72

Another co-ord set, this time from ASOS, by Pull&Bear, top €19.72 and trousers €25.34. I can dig this, it’s kinda like wearing your duvet I would imagine. But, she looks like she put the time in, the exact formula I am trying to achieve!

topshop 42

Very cool trackie pants from Topshop for €42, a world away from my tragic grey baggie ones at home.

river island 35

Team them with these grrrrrrrrrreat (the tigers….geddit) sweat top from River Island and I will look rocking rolling. This is €35.

ASOS also have this pink ensemble. I am undecided as to whether writing on sportswear really does it for me or not, however something about this caught my eye.

wildfox on asos 105.63

Yeah, on reflection, I do like this one a lot, it’s by Wildfox and comes in at €105.63 for the two. Pink though….mmmmmmm

And finally to Zara, because it wouldn’t really be a post from me without a mention now would it! Just these cool joggers…

19.95 zara

Nice. Simple. To the point. Easy to reach for in the morning. Bothering nobody. €19.95.

There you go and my pledge to you is that I will now look as well put together at home on the weekends as I do for work. But will I be posting pictures…

At the weekend???

No way, man, people are trying to sleep


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