Don’t care how….

I want it noooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww….

Tell me I am not the only one out there doing this….sitting at my desk and taking any opportunity when I have a free sec to peruse through all the stuff on offer on various online sites and filling up shopping bags…yet not buying anything. A virtual oh If Only kinda shopper. That is what I have become. Wanna see what I am wishing on a star for though…some serious scooby do’s.

My Asos saved items section is particularly full up, but I will whittle it down to the four top contenders.

These River Island disco shoes at €45.77.


WOOOOOW. I LOVE these. If the best friend is reading this post…and WHY would she not be…birthday present baby! COOL. Shimmery goodness. Feet wearing these bad boys are made for dancing.

Then I have this dress, which is divine, and incidentally would not look out of place with those shoes above…mmmmm, food for thought there.

asos 119.71

Look at it go. Marvellous. So pretty AND sexy, a lethal combination in anyone’s books. Very on trend (yuck) with the cape, if trends are your thing…This long drink of water comes in at €119.71.

Now, for the weekends, when I am at home, buried under laundry, cooking, children, washing floors, you NAME it…I need something chillaxtastic that will look good and take two secs to put on…this is it!


Perfect. Comfy enough to get the job (s) done, yet funky enough to keep up the uber stylish charade. €35.20.

Finally little pot of gold waiting for me in the ASOS hall of fame is this genius pair of groovy ankle slingback boots for €25.35. These ROCK.


I bought them. Just there. Sshhhhhhhhh, don’t tell him indoors. There are SO choice, I was powerless to resist.

Next to Zara, where basically my whole fecking wardrobe is from, but sure what’s one more piece amongst friends. This bag has been sitting in my shopping bag for a few days now, just waiting to be bought…


Fabulouso, no? €29.95 and LOOK what else it does…


Two for one, baby.

I want these flats from Mango for the summer of fun to come. €19.95



And finally today for your viewing pleasure, I have been eyeing this hot as all hell skirt up for some time now in M&S, £199.


Stunning piece of work, love that it is a wrap and it is not black, it’s dark olive…excellent news. As is the dress of the same ilk…

leather dress

For £229 of your well earned cash. A lot, some might say, but just LOOK at it.

There you have it, the longish list of gear that I WANT NOW.

Love, Veruca Salt.



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