A Fairytale

Once upon a time Emma went up to Dundrum Town Centre during her lunch break and visited good old Zara for a look around. Nothing new there says you. No, indeed not. However, this time I left the shop without buying anything….WHAAAAT!

Well, the kids, literally, needed new shoes, which I had just got, so myself and the wallet were in the middle of a Mexican standoff and anyway I only went in to kill a bit of time before I went back to work. But, as always when there isn’t a penny to be found, I spotted this absolute cracker on the last chance to buy rail…for €29.95!


Bootiful, reminded me of Victoria Beckham’s stuff, like this one…


A little! I know, I know, I’m reaching but it does KINDA resemble it. And also it’s not a million miles away from this ISSA one on The Outnet…


Which you can pick up here should you so wish…you luck duck.


BUT I WALKED OUT OF THE SHOP. I stopped, stuttered, turned around in a little indecisive circle TWICE on my way from Zara to the exit of the shopping centre (freaked a few people out let me tell you!) But I left, head held high, thinking I was pure grown up and oh so adult and Ma of the year.


It started to rain. I had to take shelter in a bus, er, shelter, and my mate from work, Sinead, came by. Anyway, we both ended up in the shelter and we got to talking about the dress I had left behind. Sinead had seen it, basically was like, you should have got it, I was like, I know, it went on, you get the drift.

Fast forward to that night, I am at home, I’ve moved on. Get a text from Sinead and she is in Dundrum and do I want her to pick up the dress??? YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR.

Came back to work this morning and this was on my desk.


HOOORAH. We will live happily ever after.

Friends and shopping…the two best things in life.

Well. Apart from wine.


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