Little Acorns

Today’s offering is a quickie and only came about because once I had this skirt on this morning I realised that this very piece was part of the first look EVER on my instagram…awwwww…around March last year I think. Seems like a world away now. I mean from no followers to er…..321. Janey, I’ve made it…right!!!! Ara look, it keeps me happy. Me and my wardrobe love emmaisthenewblack. And to those 321 out there, I salute you.

Once the penny had dropped this morning I thought to myself….I KNOW! I will wear exactly the same outfit and then do a blog post about how clothes last and about how…it actually is possible for me to wear a different outfit every day for a year. The wardrobe IS THAT BIG it would seem.

But then…I couldn’t for the life of me find the leather top that I wore last time. I’m not kidding, the wardrobe is ridiculous. I have to do a clear out, but it’s too hard to say goodbye. Anyway after trawling through the rack…twice. I had to give up, time was against me as per usual, shockingly. Trying to get three kids up and out the door while getting ready in less than an hour, not an easy task let me tell you. Man, I should get up a bit earlier, the morning is always a total Mad Max movie. *sigh* But, back to the point. I gave up and found a replacement top which I reckon works just as nicely…only problem? I needed different shoes and accessories…NO worries. I have too much of everything at my disposal. It’s a truly wonderful addiction!

So. Here is me, all the way back in March 2015 when I gave in to the pressure and joined the instagrammians out there…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 16.08.57

But I look so fresh faced, naive, young!

Er, I think not. I look exactly the same…except I forgot I used to do those detail shots, perhaps I should bring them back? Any thoughts welcome…

And here I am today, wiser, more content, at peace with myself.


Er, no. Just the same, except one year older…

I must start looking up too. But this morning, in my defence, the sun was blaring into my eyes.

Anyhoo…the details are on my instagram account (emmaisthenewblack) of where all the stuff came from and if you follow me, I may just get up to 322…fingers crossed!


mmmm, I might just challenge myself to one outfit a day and see how close to a full year I could get…there’s a blog post in that.

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