Oh happy day!

I awoke this morning (after I had removed the child from my face and replaced it on his side of the bed, my bed btw, he just won’t accept that…) to an email from H&M informing me that you can now shop online with delivery to Ireland. THIS THE MOST EXCITING SHOPPING NEWS IN AGES. I am actually on the edge of my seat writing this….we also get H&M Home….WOO HOO, which as far as I know, is not available in any stores in Ireland?? Anyway doesn’t matter now, the world is our shopping oyster ladies. Listen, I have pretty much been on the site all day putting stuff into my shopping bag, it’s scandalous what I am about to spend, thank God they didn’t launch this during Lent! Anyhoo, here is a peak at the highlights…

Just some homewares today…in a crazy departure from my usual tour de force I am snubbing clothes in favour of cool stuff for the house…hoooorah. God there is so much excellent loot, it’s a tragedy to only get to showcase a few! Anyway look at these and then go online and see the rest of the Aladdin’s cave…


Waaaaaah. THIS IS A COOLER BAG! For the beach, hols, picnics and it is awesome! €9.99

hmprod (1)

I love this cushion cover €7.99

hmprod (3)
Enter a caption

A vase of choice for your summer blooms, or you could place a candle within, I’d imagine it gives off great warm vibes. € 14.99

hmprod (2)

Pretty tablecloth alert! €19.99

hmprod (11)

Just wowsers, I would snap this up only him indoors would not be on board and it would live, depressed, in the hotpress. Starts at €29.99 depending on the size of your bed.

hmprod (5)

It is nearly summertime! Wine in the garden needs an appropriate stopper. All I’m saying…€7.99

hmprod (9)

Laundry day SUCKS ASS. Make it look pretty…might help. €14.99

hmprod (10)

Store your papers somewhere interesting? A bin? A massive candle holder? The possibilities are ENDLESS. €19.99

hmprod (8)

Just cool. €12.99

hmprod (4)

That wine earlier on that you’re tucking into? Needs crisps. Those crisps…need a bowl. €19.99

hmprod (7)

Now this I must have. This is Emma in a candlestick. €19.99

hmprod (6)

Mad for candles me. And online there are loads. This is one of my favourites. Reusable too! €9.99

And finally…for kids, y’know?

hmprod (12)

My little superstar will be wearing this on the beach this summer. €14.99

All online and can be at your house in NO time. THIS is truly a happy day.





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