Big break

Can I start by shouting from the rooftops LENT IS OVER AND I AM BACK  ON THE SHOPPING SUPERHIGHWAY…YEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW. Thank the GODS for that one, I was losing it big time…my shopping soul was slowly being destroyed, I was getting excited about doing the weekly food shop!? Not right. BUT, I did it, and now I am free to spend again, however, the massive fly in the ointment remains, i.e. the wedding bills that must be paid – meaning even though my purse has reopened I need to keep it on the down low. Then I had this brainwave…little fixes on my lunch break that don’t leave me eating beans on toast for a few days. €20-€30 treats to keep me and my shopping fix sane.


I’ve 7 on the go here and I will more than likely have bought the lot by the time I hit publish on the post….it’s been a long 40 days.

These 3 knights of the round table in ZARA.




Those little peplum frills are in the news right now ladies…that cute gingham top is €17.95, the boots…space boots AWESOME…also come in a burgundy for the more conforming amongst us, €19.99 and the over the shoulder bag of delight €29.95. You could even go to Marks to get your tea after that, savvy spending. (I’ve bought the top and can I just say handing over the cash was sweeter than any Easter Eggs I made light work of at the weekend).

Of course, there is the gift that keeps on giving to us cash strapped Ma’s that is Penneys. I was up there today at lunchtime and I can vouch that these are stupendous in real life and should be snapped up immediately. They have them in black too, but orange is where it’s at. €22. Loads of cash left for a tasty takeout to bring back to your desk.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.22.51

Fandango Mango now.




They give us a chillax-y little jumpsuit, for running around doing a gazillion different things at the weekend I would say, throw it on, do the hoovering, change the beds, then cook dinner and have some wine…ALL while looking stylish as can be. AND comfy. It’s €29.95. Or pickup the culottes, which are cunningly disguised as a skirt and would look great in work. They come in 4 different colours too…€29.95.

Mango also have a new section which slots perfectly into the lunchtime spend on their website, look for #newprices in the dropdown menu.

Or you know what? Don’t even go out at lunchtime! NO. Buy your midday treat online while in a warm office having a cup of whatever takes your fancy…easy living.


Yep. Gorgeous. Summertime love. It’s by First&I €25.35 @ ASOS.

I may do one of these every week, I found a whole lot more hot stuff on my search. Shout out if you would be into it… New buys + No overdraft. That’s a damn fine thing.

Let me know what you find! x


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