Every week, EVERY Tuesday, I buy Closer…now, I know, it’s pure gossipy, crazy true stories, B list celeb filled ridiculousness but I LOVE it. Just like Sex and the City’s Miranda and her tittle tattle or tattler or tattle??? Whatever it was called…remember, she bought it every week along with Time Magazine. So I buy Closer and The Economist….ha HAAAAA, yeah RIGHT! I buy Closer and Grazia. Every week. My secret is out.


The fashion pages are VERY interesting and this week they pointed me (and now you) in the direction of this fab and easy to access with my teeeeeny purse strings, label…..Liquorish.

Feast your eyes.


Liquorish Black Oriental Oversized Floral Print Cold Shoulder Dress £48.


Black Embellished Bomber Jacket £65.


Long Sleeve Shirt Dress With Pleated Skirt £55.


Black and Gold Embellished Blazer £55.


Wrap Front Oriental Digital Print Dress £30. (Seriously!!!)


Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress in Japanese Garden Print £33.


Kimono with Embellished Birds to Back £37.


70s Front Frill Dress £48.


Classic Kimono in Vintage Bird Print £29.

Two things, this is just a taster of the treats and ALSO mostly new stuff just in, meaning there is loads more back catalogue lines onsite which are just as good. Take the morning off and surf the fashion wave. I’m getting that dragon sleeveless black and gold jacket…in FOUR DAYS WHEN LENT IS OVER.

And possibly that maxi oriental number. And that shimmery shirt dress. Oooh and the bomber….Man, its gonna be good to be back!

Let me know what you buy!

And to Closer, my thanks x






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