It’s easy being green

If you are a mother like me, you have no doubt got the inevitable text today from your kids teacher informing you, “children can wear green into school tomorrow for St. Patricks Day” and like every year I leggit up to Penneys after work and grab any kind of diddly-eye top/leggings/crazy hairband I can get my hands on and send them off in the morning looking like pure eegits, but it’s all in the name of our patron saint. Same this year, I’m off to Penneys after work…(shopping for my children is NOT shopping for me, the Lent baloney staggers on).


Should you want to look super stylish at the parade on Thursday next and also in the pub after for the few swift halves, follow me and pick out a green peace (geddit!?, here all week) for the big day.

First up, a very cute jumper in Zara, I would say wear with skinny jeans and look all nonchalantly unfazed by fellow civilians in crazy Irish flag hats. Just look slick and not involved in the uncouth revelling, quite like the model below, (yet still doing your bit for himself)…and comfy…it’s a looong day, if memory serves, I just watch it at home these days. I have done my time.

Nice little gold button detailing too…

Next, you might decide to go all out and wear a frock. Sure why not, St. Patrick is quite important. This one would be my choice.

Because it’s jersey AND loose AND cocoon shaped. Those pints of guinness are NO friend of the skinny jean. But, still very cool and earns major trend points for the draping which means you don’t just look like you grabbed the first fecking green thing you saw, no, no: YOU went for class.

BIG FAN of pleated midi skirts me, and this one packs a St. Patrick’s day punch.

Good, isn’t it? I like what they’ve done here too with the polo neck, toasty for the outside trek, team with burgundy high boots, or black…or brown in fact and look like one of Charlie’s angels. Or Chris Cagney, my personal favourite.,S,I,T_0_1458052215623&ts=1458052215623&p=63&page=4

Don’t forget the jumpsuit route. A bit ara-jaaaaaysis when you’re had more than the one babycham and have to use the facilities but…..jumpsuits always look funky and men don’t understand them which adds to the fun.

Slightly army fatique-y too.

Or, glam it up a bit, from day to night pretty sharpish in a slinky offering on OPSH.

That bag, man, that bag is outrageous, where is that???…hang on, bear with me…

*pregnant pause*

Nah, no dice, can’t find it. Damn, I would’ve picked it up on the spot. I did find this little saucy minx however…

Slotting nicely into our emerald city.


Well, if you have little people and have to walk A LOT, you could go with sneakers. Celebrate with your feet! Your nice, cushy, suede clad feet.

Alternatively, if you are free of buggies and sticky, post ice-cream hands you must MUST wear these!

Yes, yes, slightly off the green theme, but LOOK at them…let it slide folks!!! Sure, they’re as green as the man himself, if you ask me…!

Finally, just do this.


Also very handy for Friday and the hangover.

Top o’ the morning to ya


2 thoughts on “It’s easy being green

  1. Very helpful blog post, some great ideas for going out on Paddy’s night 😊 Aisling |


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