Hot in the city

Oooooh I’ve been waiting for this one, the style MAVEN that is Olivia Palermo has collaborated with Chelsea28 for a new affordable collection which you and I can get and look kinda LOADED. Man, there are some serious hot mamas in the mix…Here are my favourites.


Sextastic fringe dress…very 70’s. Wear with knee high boots. Ridey.


This sleeveless trench, which she wears as a dress in the shoot…nah…I would pair with these trousers and continue the hot 70’s vibe.


Yep…actually it’s all pretty Charlie’s Angels…you could just picture yourself running around chasing moustache sporting no-gooders with your hair flowing in the wind.



Another perfect coupling and Olivia styles this VERY interestingly with a scarf belt…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.16.59

I will be doing this. Thank you for the heads up love.

A more demure dress now, which I think I may have just fallen for.


So slick. Very cool.

She’s mad for the dresses actually.



Oh it’s a beautiful collection, she’s laughing in the face of Whitney Port now, let me tell you. The battle of the girls from The City has well and truly been won by the Palermo corner.

Another fantabulous double act



It’s too good, IT’S TOO GOOD…MY EYES!!!

And to end, my favourite look.



Which the master wears to perfection…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.09.56

And again, an interesting belt situation…Genius. My absolute new best fashion friend, I thiiiiiiiink we’d get on, yeah right!, we would HATE each other. We’d be like those friends who just hang out in order to steal each other’s clothes (clearly I would come off WAY better in that relationship…however I could bring her down the pub for a few swift halves).

You can find this treasure trove of AWESOMENESS on the Nordstrom website and bring your credit card.


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