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Hello campers, I trust I find you well? C’mon it’s February…the evenings are getting longer, spring is in the air, the sales are over, there is new gear in the shops…it’s all looking up.

Today’s blog post is a bit of self promotion…by a BLOGGER you say??? Outrageous.

You may or may not (gasp) have noticed, but as well as this blog, 3 kids, a shopping obsession and a wedding to put together for less than the cost of a round on a modest night out, I ALSO have a fashion podcast show!! Is there nothing this woman can’t do??? Stop shopping apparently…I bought a pair of shoes in Penney’s yesterday…jaysis…this is harder to do than I thought. Now I am saying I will give up shopping for lent…and crisps. Lent is going to SUCK. But I’m rambling now…it’s the lack of new stuff you see.

ANNNYWWWWWAY the podcast show.

Fashion chats, if you will, with like minded shopping fiends who are involved in this beautiful chocolate factory. People who’s jobs I want, who’s designs I admire, who’s style rocks and they come into a little studio and talk to me for an hour or so about their relationships with their wardrobes. It’s a marvellous thing. I’ve had some awesome guests in so far…just take a gander…

G’wan, believe me, it’s good stuff…sometimes very funny AND you get some serious tips from the masters…while you’re there actually, have a nosey through, lots of other DEADLY shows on castaway, something for everyone I’d wager.

This week’s guest is my former colleague and now head chief at Irish Tatler, Shauna O’Halloran, who incidentally, gave me this lovely write up…I thank you Mrs. L.

Listen Up!

I have a few more recorded and good to go and I have some amazing guests lined up, so stay with me, as Tony Tiger used to say, they’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!


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