Just because I can’t have it..

I am on a shopping hiatus…not my idea! But I have to save my florins for other things this year so instead of buying stuff…I have decided to compile a list of the ABSOLUTE SMOKING GEAR out there at the moment that I would buy, should I be in the position to. But you can buy it! And take a picture…and send it to me…and make me weep. Sound fun? Great, have a butchers at this lot.

The boots of the season. LOOK at them…look at the HEEL. Uterque.com. Amazing stuff. Totally out of the price range of norm but for these babies, who cares?

Look no further. Move down below quietly.


Click. You’re the proud owner. And no-one noticed. Get on with your day, knowing a sexual pair of booties are on their merry way to your loving arms. Is there anything better? (can you tell I’m having withdrawals??)

There’s more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.35.48

Man alive, this is like cruelty to crazy shopping ladies. AWESOME. I want it BAAAAAD.

Here you go…


You’re welcome.

I like this dress a lot. Rock n’roll and will turn many the head…very hawt.

What’s that noise?, I hear you cry. It’s me, whimpering, quite unable to take the beauty of this piece and knowing FULL WELL it will never me mine.

Snap it up little chicas… http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/71EEH/Diana+Swirl+Sequin+Midi+Dress.htm?search_keywords=sequin%20dress

While we are in the shimmer type of mood, here’s another recruit.

These type of skirts are marvellous as they look deadly with the big knit so are perfect for the inevitable I FEEL LIKE SHIT days. But I need to look half decent…familiar?


Now. These shoes will actually be the ones that push me over the edge. I will cry. WHY did I promise not to shop????? Saving schmaving.

Sweet Lord in heaven. There are no words. Well no, just two… BUY THESE!


What’s missing? We absolutely need a bit of sparkle…so get a load of this..

I LOVE IT. Perfect. Imagine it with the skirt above and a jumper…Or jeans a jumper and those shoes of the Gods from River Island. The possibilities are ENDLESS…

This is on myshiningarmour.com the link is doing something funny but just go on site and you’ll find it, called the gill bracelet and it’s €18. Totally pick one up.

Shoes. Check. Bracelet. Check. mmmmm….clutch? Waaaaaaay ahead of you. Look at this ethnic delight from H&M.

STOP the lights. I actually can’t take it anymore. Clutch to rule all clutches.



ONE more before I go ballllloooobbbbbbaaaas altogether. I am actually going to have to do another full post on these guys because their site opsh.com has BLOWN my mind. I think I am pure late to the party on this one, but we are going to be FIRM friends. The absolute myriad of bargains they have on offer…enough to make a girl go all faint. This is a teaser for you. This gorgeous bit of kit.

Yes. Loads more where that came from too…


Go on then. Go and shop, you lucky, lucky ducks. You have all my blessings.



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