Choice Critique

Oh this time of year is such (fashion) fun. Another awards palaver on Sunday night…the Critics’ Choice and with that….more outfits from the richies in Hollywood for us to see. There are very little good ones so this ditty is a more of a slow head shake while holding my horrified face.

You will possibly adopt the same stance yourself quite soon…


UGHS. And look at the length of the slit. Ewwwww…once she sits down you’ll see the moon and the stars. The crease down the middle, and that tissue situation at the top. Awful.

I’ll say it again, and take the risk of a massive backlash…BUT women over 40 cannot go bare legged on the red carpet. Those knees have seen better days. Case in point.


Put them away love. Please.

No. She looks very pretty but no. It’s like tinfoil that was all crumpled and got straightened out for another use because there was no new stuff left in the press.


WHAT is going on here?? What? Brings a whole new meaning to the word funbags eh?


Oh dearie, Zoe, this is a hot mess my love. And you have a great figure. Disappointing, she’s usually pretty foxy.


WT actual F?  In fairness, her face screams…’WHAT was I thinking?’


Minimum effort….MINIMUM, not even a scrap of jewellery. Fail.

And the men don’t get away with it either…


mwahhhahhaaahhhaaaa, the eegit, he looks like a dandy highwayman. Stand and deliver….

While we’re at it, what has happened to Christian Bale???…he used to be a fine example. The years have not been kind.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 13.40.09

But there is one shining light to send us all on our way on a wave of envy.


You could hear a pin drop when she entered I’d say. Stunning. Mind you, it was a one horse race.

More to come, SAG Awards, Oscars…it’s all go.





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