going global

Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the goon squad
and we’re coming to town…INDEED David Bowie, you genius…INDEED.

The Golden Globes, the first of the awards season to kick off after Christmas and judging by some of the dresses we are about to check out NONE of these gals were living in the bottom of a pringles jar all December like I was…But before we start a picture of my husband.



Now, down to business. First up, the good ones.



This is beautiful, by Givenchy and needs no words.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.29.39

Marvellouso…this is where I would be heading if (WHEN) I get invited next year.


Not 100% sure who this little lady is but her frock is outstanding. Patternclash, bottle green extravaganza of crazy head turning style.


Man, she looks great and so NORMAL. Really stunning in this Versace number.


Fair enough, she needs to eat a few chips but the dress is great. Shimmer me timbers eh??

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.29.16

COOOOOOOOL…in a wicked stepmother, get out of the way little people, ewwww there’s children here, give me wine immediately…kind of way.


Top marks again for Laverne Cox. TOP MARKS.


Even though she is becoming INCREASINGLY irritating and I watched the globes on TV last night and was annoyed EVEN more by her, I’ll give her this…nice look. However it does slightly resemble a bone socket.

And finally one of our own looking HAWT. Caitriona Balfe rocking it in Alexander McQueen.



Now where there is sunshine, there is also rain….Ready for the fashion Crazy McLooper’s?

First up, the young chickadees dressing like old ladies…



You’re only young once girls…what are you AT?

Next, an old lady dressed like a mushroom.


Or perhaps some badly fitted clothes?



Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.30.07

She looks lovely and all but that dress doesn’t fit…



Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 09.52.13

Man, she needs help.

When bad hair days ruin good looking women…

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.28.38

When bad eye makeup ruins good looking women…

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.29.05

When you simply must show the world that you HAVE TONED ABS OKAY?????


And when EVEN Olivia gets it wrong…


There you go, the loaded people and how they dress. Now we can all wait for the Oscars and do it again!

But first…my husband wants to bid you adieu…


Yep, that’s the money shot, right there.




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