yawn….I’m awake. I’ve emerged from the coma that is Christmas. TWO FULL WEEKS of pj’s, food, booze, tv, kids, sofa, sleeping in. AND the big kahuna proposed on Christmas day so that meant even more champagne than normal! HURRAH! A wedding to plan…the dress…the dress is freaking me out.

Look anyway, the point is emmaisthenewblack has returned to your welcoming shores. And while I cannot shop this year as all my paltry cash has to go on invites and photographers and candles and whatever the frick else is needed for the day of reckoning…the rest of you can still shop…and I can still tell you what to get on the highstreet.

So, its sale number 1 of the year from our (MY!) favourite shop in the entire world…ZARA. Here are a few of the best bits…but if you wanna play shopping roulette, wait a week or two and they will slash prices even further…although then they will have new stock in as well and you’ll end up buying some of that…the house always wins, dammit.

Come with me…and we’ll see…



LOOK at this blouse. Magnificent. No words are needed, just get it, it’ll save many the outfit crisis. €25.99

Or get a jumpsuit. Man I love jumpsuits. No thought needed after you’ve picked it out for the day, just boots and some sort of embellishment and off you set.



Cool, eh? Plus will cover up the little bit of holiday weight that we are all surely carrying…€25.99

These boots…



A thousand times yes! €49.99.

Of course, if you are buying new boots, you need a new bag…



Whoa, that’s a little devil eh? AND it’s only €39.99 AND it’s suede. Tick.

This coat also caught my eye…because it is DEADLY.



ya ha. €49.99.

While in the stripe arena, check (guffaw) these trousers…



Aren’t they marvellous! €25.99! This sale is spectacular…

And yet there’s still more…it’s like a night on the sauce, you can keep going back to the bar. Behold a skirt like no other.



Old School. Hedge School in fact. I think my ma had one of these back in her day. €25.99. I kid you not.

Two more for the cheap seats and then I’ll be on my way.

A nice (forgiving) dress to see you through to spring.



Sweet little number I feel, easy peasy for work/play. €29.99

And to end on a high note, this gem from the 70’s.



Comes in at ONLY €39.99, pure steal. Get it. Get different boots though…what the hell??

Now that you are steered in the right direction, I’ll get my coat.




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