Sugar Coat It

You may remember that in a previous blog post in OCTOBER, I highlighted the awesomeness and utmost importance of this coat, this coat of dreams…



*sigh* The beauty of it…well look, bottom line is I fell in love, a sort of true love than cannot be forgotten no matter what other delights the highstreet has dangled in front of me since, this coat never left my thoughts. It had to be acquired…somehow.

There was only one thing for it, approach the boyfriend…after all, we’re together 10 years and he got me a meerkat for my birthday in July.


Don’t believe me?

Here it is….



So you see, I reckoned I deserved something more…call it a Christmas bonus, for 10 years of service!!?

And by jove, my cunning plan worked, the little satsuma bought if for me! Marvellous. All is forgotten…meerkat? Smeerkat.

Wanna see me and my undoubted glee?


Ta dah! And I must say it’s delicious in real life, pure money and wool and slick. More…MORE



And even cool from the back.


AND you can channel Mary Poppins!


Spit Spot.

SO. There you go. It is from the Gods at Oasis and it is €114. I thank them a thousand times. Now I’m off for a glass of Christmas cheer.


End of presentation. Please remain in your seats until the captain turns off the seatbelt sign.



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