Cape On

Today my pretties we are going to fall in love together with some outstanding cover ups of the cape variety to get us through the hard, unforgiving little terror that is January. It’ll be here soon, prepare yourself. Believe me, that month will be WAY easier to get through if you are pulling one of these babies out of the closet.

And…OBVIOUSLY I have already bought one, but which one…? See if you can guess, come on, you know me well enough now.

First up to ASOS this time, who have two beauteous contenders in our caped crusade (had to get that phrase into this post!).

This eyelet creation, which is COOL and comes in at €139.71



Ride. I fancy that cape.

Plus this orange number.



Which, I’ll grant you, is more of a poncho/wrap effect but STILL in the same family. €51.47.

For those going out nights…or maybe a Valentines date night…if you are still in the first flush of romance, that is and not a jaded, lying on sofa eating crisps, drinking wine and shouting at the TV/each other couple like we are. Ahem.

Then get this!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.27.47

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.27.39

OOOOH. And before anyone goes bananas it’s faux fur. From Michael Kors @ House of Fraser for the princely sum of £275. Decadence. Get himself to get it for your for Christmas…there is a LONG week of shopping left. No himself? Hit the Ma present train.

Navy, sometimes so much more classy than black. Especially in a coat/cape. Like this pretty little offering from COS.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.25.41

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.26.01

Nice eh? Very demure and ladylike. £135.

To ZARA now, *sigh*.

Quite Sherlock Holmes this one, a sexy Sherlock though!



Private eye chic. And you could solve a few crimes and make a quick buck on the side while you’re at it. Clothes that pay for themselves. €149.

Or another navy sailor.



Seriously nailing it here. Cape queen. Military stylie. Twisting my melon. €99.95

And if, like me, you have a little capable (here all week) princess in your life. Look at this!



Snow White and the Huntsman springs to mind. Deep, red velvet cape for your little lady. ALSO if you’ve got a communion coming towards you this June like a juggernaut, this is a very good place to start…€21.95.

Two more before I finish up. This next one looks VERY expensive and has a pretty easy going price tag. Folkster have this gorgeous piece of kit…

Pure wool so think of the WARMTH. €160 to you my little turtledoves.

Lastly, but not leastly, Mango have this…



Yes, yes, pedantic people, also more of a wrap but STILL. Fashion is flexible. €39.95…got your attention now though!

And there you have it, all wrapped up you might say….Good God.

So which one did I buy….?

The Mango one, AND it has just arrived AND it did not disappoint. I will look all stylish when people call over at Christmas by just throwing it on. Result.

And which one do I want now (the wardrobe will never be done)…well it’s a toss up between that navy ZARA one, although the COS one is cool, and that Folkster grey cape is amazing…ooh and the eyelet cape…

Send help.



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