Suits You Sir!

Today, we talk trouser suits. This comes from the news that THIS GEM is in Penneys and I am getting it for my Christmas day outfit….


Ya ha. The jacket is €25 and the trousers are €15 and for a broke mama with santa knocking at the door for three kids and ALL the food and booze that need to be purchased for the month ahead, it’s a winner.

But it got me thinking about trouser suits, are they cool? ARE they? Well Bianca Jagger is a serious case for the defence.



They are rocking I reckon, yes? Have a look at a few other famous girls looking good in the suit.


Florence looking the epitome of girl in a band chic. Also wearing one whilst in the act…



Cate Blanchett is also a big fan.


Really like this, I would wear this in a heartbeat. Total love.


Cute. Colour popping it. But sadly it doesn’t always go well for her…


Goodness me. This is quite the hot mess. All one horrible colour and nasty ass shoes. I think if you are going for a masculine suit then the trick is to wear seriously sexy high HIGH heels.


Like this. More of a work vibe here for my serious office going readers. But the little touches like the leopard print lining (see that?) and the low rise trousers make it more interesting than the women dressing like how men would dress if they were women… (to quote Harrison in ‘Working Girl’).


THIS IS GREAT. She could’ve got the trousers taken up a teensy bit mind you, but the rest is fantastic. Great shoes. GREAT. Top marks all round.


Another stylish Emma….hehehehe.

And finally, the queen of being sexy in a suit.


Ah here. This is how it’s done. She just kicks all types of ass. The open bow tie is genius and just one subtle diamond bracelet. It’s all perfect.

But with good, there comes bad…


You can see what’s wrong with this right? No need for explanations…surely??? Desperate.


Oh dear. Nicole has met her fashion nemesis in the trouser suit it would seem. Step away love.


This is wearing Kate, not the other way round. She’s lost in a sea of flowing black nothingness.


And this is just crazy talk. A dickie bow????? Tied??? Brocade smoking jacket??? no No NO. Take it off. Start again. Total fail.

So before I finish up and you make up your own mind on whether or not to buy a suit for the winter months. I’ll leave you with two other right corkers that I’ve found on the highstreet.


ASOS WHITE! Where would I be without this (new) discovery of mine. Deadly look. Jacket €183.83 and Trousers €95.59 (whoosh! that’ll sting a bit, but LOOK at it).

And finally…I am putting this together from two separates but I imagine this would be just the coolest freaking thing to wear for a party at home swanning around filling up your guests drinks and looking so laid back and GORGEOUS. A sort of female David Niven if you will.

This smoking jacket.


SO classic. €49.99 @ H&M and pair it with these trousers…


Which are €119 @ Balmain for H&M. See what I’m doing there, that’s joyous. Relaxed, sexy, devil-may-care, Christmas perfection.

I would add on this necklace from Zara to add to the eccentric Grey Gardens feel of the whole vibe. It’s €19.95.


I might get that for Christmas day instead actually….aw man….dammit!!!



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