There are two versions of me. The version that you see here and on my instagram (emmaisthenewblack get ON it…please!) and there is the days I don’t work, home with the kids, school run, general slave to their every whim, version of me. These are like Jekyll and Hyde. There is NO comparison. I wear pretty much pyjamas when I’m home. But this always bothers me when I have to drop kids off and do pick ups from school, because inevitably, other moms are looking AMAZING in something they just threw on and ran out of the house in, whereas I look like…well…challenged, shall we say!

You see, I just DON’T see the point in dressing nice when you are going to get child residue all over you. Plus comfort is a big issue with the little blighters and jewellery is a no no. They are like evil magpies.

Ah I do love them really, but nice outfits mixed with babies…? No dice.

However, look at the casual chic on these famous ladies…I must take some inspiration. I MUST.


SJP. The big coat cover up. She could be wearing ANYTHING under that. Sneaky trick number 1!


VB goes with the big coat too you’ll note.


Now this is easily done and very effective. Plus a jumper and jeans is pure comfy, add in interesting shoes and big bag and you look half interested in your appearance. Covert operation number 2!


See! Olivia has totally pulled it off. No one is looking at her face, everyone is looking at her shoes…GENIUS.


God I LOVE Kendall Jenner’s style.

Black. ALL black. Blend into the shadows and look unapproachable. No way you’ll be dragged into conversations about anything child related while waiting. Nice. And sneakers, lovely and easy as pie to deal with carrying around schoolbags and coats and whatever else is thrown upon you. Cunning plan number 3!


BIG HUGE SUNGLASSES. I diss makeup on my days off also, sure for what? So to avoid getting stared at because you look WRECKED. Big shades. Marvellous. Devious solution number 4!

Isn’t that right Rosie?


Yes Emma.

Or finally, just run with it. Embrace the craziness.


Ellie Fanning in her banana boat jeans. The hat is a good idea mind you, bed head hidden away. Scheme number 5!

Just wait til the morning…

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