(emmaisthenew) black on white

ASOS. Always a good port of call. But today I couldn’t find much to my liking in the usual places so I decided to hone in on the brands and found and fell in love with ASOS White. This is a whole new ballgame kids. The stuff is a cut above and will make the room stop when you walk in. I am blown away. My save box is full to the brim and the shopping future looks bright. Now the prices are a bit higher per piece then I can usual hand over, but I think they’re all keepers which should soften the blow. Take a butchers at just some (I had to restrain myself from basically just posting the link to the page and leave it at that!) of the carrots currently being dangled.



Got your attention? Coffee spat out? I TOLD YOU. Awesome. This eye catcher was the hook…€120.85




Cover a multitude of sins while looking HAWT. €88.24



Man I love pockets in a dress. IGNORE the shoes, go for black shoots. €139.71



This one is a MUST for me. Jumpsuits just rock my world. One piece is all you need. This winter wool wonder is just genius. €125



Culottes! Adore culottes. Nice muted colour scheme too, giving you the opportunity to whack on a very bright knit and shoes and skip into the colder months. €110.30



What a find. This will get them talking while you kick ass in the style olympics in your head. €110.30



Another jumpsuit for your viewing pleasure, but a more relaxi-taxi approach. THIS for example would be coolio on like Christmas Eve, when you’ve a load of stuff to do at home but people keep popping in for a glass of the good stuff. Even though you’re up to your eyes, look all chilled and slightly of the season in your burgundy best.



I have mentioned Christmas….so….the work party…wear this from office to the pub. NO worries. You’re done. Kill two birds with one stone. €110.30

THEN. There is a sale section…naturally I went there.



Excellent. The sun will come out again, therefore….purchase now while its cheap! €77.94

And finally, a seriously cool look and quite the discount which kinda means it HAS to be bought.





The coat is down from €213.27 to €54.03!!!!! and the trousers are down from €110.30 to €55.15!

Janey macks. What are you still reading for?? That’s all I got.

Go shop NOW.

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