Coat? Check.

Finally, the loop-jack-crazy weather is doing what it’s supposed to do at this time of year and it’s cold in the morning when you’re setting out…which means…time for a winter coat. I may be waaaaaheeey late on this one but I haven’t got mine yet so am having a look and sure come on with me on the search and see what you think.

I found five that I’m quite partial to.

First stop is Dunnes Stores this time. This one is by Carolyn Donnelly and it ticks all my winter coat boxes. I love how it can be worn loose or with a belt…big advocate of the leather belt on a coat business…plus it comes in either camel or black so take your pick.

7011135_camel[1]      7011135_camel_1[1]

7011135_camel_3[1]      7011135_camel_6[1]

Marvellouso. Perfect coat to get you from the taxi to the warm fire in the pub. €189 by Carolyn Donnelly @ Dunnes Stores.

A black winter coat. ESSENTIAL I find. And Zara does not disappoint…does it ever??? Get one, or be that girl standing in the hall in the morning bemoaning loudly that you don’t have one. It’ll happen.

8122744800_1_1_1[1]      8122744800_2_3_1[1]

8122744800_2_4_1[1]     8122744800_2_5_1[1]

That black beauty will set you back €129 @ Zara.

Fancy a country walk? Spot of tea? I got the coat for that. A tweed triumph…

f1      f2

f3      f4

Quite the statement it will make. I love it from the back. There is no way to go wrong if you’ve got this walking out the door. Big high brown boots, skinny jeans, polo neck. Ride. €145 from &otherstories.

Now. A parka. If, like me, you have kiddiwinks you will understand that you spent a lo—hot of time in the park. It is cold. It is first thing on a weekend morning. You are invariably a tad hungover. To avoid looking like a total dogs dinner, get a parka, it covers up a world of problems and get a stylish one. You could go down a terrible road here and end up looking like a very Ma version of your former self. The park, can I just add off topic, is just one of the 7 deadly sins of parenting (throwing up is number 1…especially at 3am…ah yeah, lovely stuff, nice one child, get the mop love). It is not one of my favourite things to do, stand there freezing going, ‘great!’, ‘good sliding!’, ‘well done!’ YAWN. But it’s not forever eh? Soon they will be teenagers and sure that’ll be GAS.


This is my choice of parka for the, eh, park.

2      3

4      parka

ooooooooh you’ll be a cool cucumber. This is the way to beat the Sunday morning blues. It’s a bit steep at £150. BUT, I’d wager it’ll get you through many the winter. Get it on ASOS.

We end, as always, on a high, this coat rocks all kinds of caspah. I am already in talks with himself to get me this as a very early Christmas present. It’s the LEAST I deserve…

5578300[2]      5578300_2[1]

5578300_3[1]      5578300_4[1]

€163 @ Oasis. A work of art to add to your wardrobe.

That’s a wrap.

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