Cheaper than chips

Last December I went to Manchester on a girlie weekend with one of my best besties. Lots of liquor, food, laughs, gossip and, of course, shopping.

Now, before we get into it, it is vital you understand the ENORMITY of the Penney’s/Primark over there. Egads! HUGE. So…we put away a time slot of a whole morning to visit the beast and leisurely shop our way around (parting ways at the door  mind, I HATE shopping with someone else…H A T E. I am pure Han Solo at this shit) and then we could meet in the coffee bar…IN THE SHOP, it’s actually a city….and collapse with an americano and a smile of pure shopping smugness.

Perfect plan.

While on my hunt for bargains I came to the sale floor…yes…floor, and came across the whole point of this post: this jumpsuit.









Stop trying to pull a fast one Emma, I hear…NO NO I’m serious…€3. Hahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

But then, obviously at that paltry price, the world will have one. So? Stick it in the back of the wardrobe and pull it out a year later…geddit?

Ridiculous score. All other information for bits and pieces is on my instagram/twitter.

That is all. As you were.

2 thoughts on “Cheaper than chips

  1. I am that besties and we did have a great time in Manchester. Lots of shopping . Lots of champagne and lots of laughs . Omg the shoes section in primark is out of this world . We bought that much that I don’t remember that jumpsuit ! ❤️


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