Hawk Eye

Listen, what did I tell you from the start?

Watch those sales like a hawk…wait, wait til the end and then get in there and scoop up the Queen of final reductions land. Bask in the gasps of No way? and HOW much? from the crowds.

Today’s outfit is a PRIME example of the birdwatchers approach to fashion.


In phase 1 of Zara’s sale I got the trousers, they were €17.99 which is bargainous enough. The waistcoat was €49.99 which is too much for my little purse strings so I decided to back off, keep an eye on it, if it comes down…groovy, got myself the perfect outfit. If it doesn’t, I move on. Nobody gets hurt.


I loitered around, it came down to €39.99…not good enough people, not good enough.


It was gone. But, no guts, no glory.


I’m in Spain. There is a massive Zara close to where we are staying so naturellement one must visit. And there it is…the waistcoat. Sitting pretty. In my size. AND €19.99 *insert dastardly villian-esque laugh*.

I’ve done it again.

Got a vest in Penney’s for €3.50. Styled it up with accessories of choice and sorted.

An expensive look. in the bag, for less that €50.

Have a look at it again, notice in one of the shots I am so smitten with my coup that I skip.




Get on the prowl.

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