Galaxy quest

So, a while back frockadvisor and Galaxy Ireland had a style competition. You had to enter your ootd and winners got a €250 shopping spree…where do I sign up I thought!…so, I did, (ootd is what I do!) and I was a winner!! for this look.


Hooo rah…let the shopping begin! Now, €250 big ones is a freaking GOLDMINE to a broke-ass ma like me, naturally then, you can imagine the possibilities….and I’ll not disappoint, I made that money s t r e t c h.

But, to start, as I NEVER have big cash to indulge myself, I decided to whack €100 straight down on this AMAZING, WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE, HOT SHIT BLAZER CAPE  from Lavish Alice. It’s £58 but with postage etc. it came out around the €100 mark. Worth. Every. Prize winning. Cent.



Man, it’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?…where to wear it now….mmmmmm? Sure, never mind that, the opportunity will come up, main thing is, it’s MINE.

Next, the ZARA sale called….OBVIOUSLY. I mean, lead me to my mothership. I got dungarees, I’d been thinking on this for a while and I went for it. Only €19.99 in sale, even if disastrous, no biggie. But, I quite like them actually.


This bag…


Because it had been mentioned before (Olivia Palermo copying the cat post…) and it’s smokin’

That was €29.95.

These trousers and top, apologies for less than perfect pic here but was just home from work, wrecked, equally tired baby, quality control failed…


Poor kid. BUT, we did what we had to do, got the ‘shot’, and we were both snuggling on sofa seconds after. The trousers were €17.99 and the top was €9.99.  I checked out there, with an order totally €80 with postage. Okay, there’s €70 left.

I decided to hang onto it, keep it in my wallet and leave it for a few weeks, when I’d be all “aw I haven’t got anything new in AGES…OH I KNOW…yippee €70 spree…!”


The VERY NEXT day I wandered up to House of Fraser at lunchtime for a walkabout, got as far as Warehouse…sucked in…but in fairness LOOK what I found.


Unreal in the flesh, it’s all flowy and made for the dancefloor. It was down from €84 to €20. Immensely proud of that one! See if another photo does it more justice…


Sooooooo good. Ignore all the stuff behind, ten things on one hanger and all that…

Plus (another) bag…also €20.


Heading towards the end of the road. What happened next still brings a tear to my eye. I ordered these oriental rockers from River Island.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.19.33

Great. Sorted. All is well. About a week later no sign so I checked email and in my spam folder was a mail saying payment hadn’t gone through, I’d no idea. NOOO…immediately I went on to buy again, but because of the aforementioned hotness AND the fact they were down from €55 to €18 (steal)…all gone…NOOO.

Nobody’s fault, just a glitch in the matrix.


I even went to the store to check and no dice. Not in my size. Sob.

Distraught, me and my €30 went back to ZARA….the final few bits left in sale meant I acquired this gem for €12.99.


€12.99. €12.99!

This denim shirt completes the, oh so fun, journey @ €17.99


And we’re done. Loadsaloot. Thank you again frockadvisor and Galaxy Ireland.

I still dream about those trousers. Forever known as the ones that got away.


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