The production line

Mornings…a crazy place in our house at the best of times, but this week my older two are gone to the motherships’ house for a spoilt rotten sojourn with their nana. Meaning I have time on my hands to show you how I get from a hot mess on waking to a, er…less hot mess, on leaving the house

Here’s where the magic happens…


So…firstly, I have to decide what I’m wearing which I usually do while sitting on my bed applying (a lot) of makeup, with the wardrobe door open awaiting inspiration…


YES, it’s THAT small, there are about five things on every hanger and can you see the dip in the bar holding all the clothes up….only a matter of time. Now, today I am feeling tired as was up with zippetty doo daa baby since 4.30 so I’m going for jeans and this top…


Which, if you recall I earmarked in the ZARA sale post for just €19.99!! Also, yes, there are more clothes on the back of the door…I actually sleep in a wardrobe.

Jewels next…necklace from here


It’s a fine art getting the one I want without a total avalanche occurring.

Then the ring box…


Get two/three big rock-n-rollers from there and move on to shoes, BEFORE you look at this picture, which is sadly a bit fuzzy actually…bad light situation this morn….I need all these shoes, NEED THEM….ahem


I have it under control…honest….I’m going with these hotties today…


Moving ever so quickly on to bags…! This is a sorry state of affairs and sees me every morning on my knees pulling out clutches and totes in a frenzy…but I’ve NO SPACE LEFT to store them.


Ridiculous isn’t it. But, needs must. And I found this cracker for today…


Nearly done, last piece is a jacket which doesn’t match AT ALL, so it’s a brilliant, confusing to normal people, clash…


And I’m done


And I NEED a coffee…up since 4.30 people!

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