Fashion sleuth

ASOS. Fun times.

But, did you know about the saving stuff you like for 60 days in a golden folder of joy….I am a big fan of this. There sits all your favourite stuff in one place so you can buy what you’ve chosen when the money rolls in or (and I do this a lot…let he who cast the first stone…) you can just visit your saved bag and marvel again at the goods and your excellent taste!

It’s also quite the handy tool if you’ve a wedding or a big night out coming up, as you can put in a couple of options over a few weeks and then go for your number one.

Mine is CONSTANTLY full of treasures…right now this is where I’m at…


These culottes. Awesome. AWESOME. They’re River Island on ASOS €43.83


Hee heeeeee. €52.05

image     image

Cool, crisp, simple white dress, €95.89. Perfect.


I’ve had my eye on this for an AGE, only 5 days left in the saved box!…and it’s reduced now to €24.66, down from €50, professional bargain hunter/gatherer at your service.


Downtime in style…€54.79


A mite short, I might be risking mutton dressed as lamb here, but in the colder months with tights? Groovy. €61.64


I need some spare cash now! LOOK AT THESE!!! *sigh* €38.35


Nice and cute, with a twist…€30.14


This is me in a dress. This will be acquired. €75.34

and finally…you’re in for a treat.


White hot. WHITE HOT. There’s a navy version too but the peachy pink is FAR superior. Cutting out luxuries, like food, from the weekly shop has started already in anticipation of the night of cocktails in THIS. €47.94

Open a folder today, it’s a friend for life.

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