Christmas in june

THE ZARA SALE IS HERE!!! For us clothes obsessed broke mothers this is a truly happy day…now, it goes on for about a month but it’s dog eat dog so get in there quick smart for the top bananas.  I’ve gone through website and picked the following juggernauts. There’s a lot…! I have no control.

4493004202_2_3_1     4442004202_1_1_1

€19.99 got this clutch (already shopping online this morning…) for a wedding in September…the man will be with me so he can carry the bulky stuff. And the beach bag is cutie tootie €19.99

2605001002_2_1_1     1211001092_2_1_1

We’ve seen those fringey porkchops before, but now they’re only €49.99!! The other lovelies are €59.99, with the mango floral clash outfit from earlier post, a fashion triumph.

0387056800_2_2_1    2467149300_2_3_1

Two good ones. Both €19.99

2085605044_2_1_1    7563047401_2_1_1

€29.99 for the gingham number and the polka dot is €19.99

2969045800_2_1_1     2657724605_1_1_1

Leather up for €39.99, Max out for €49.99

2510667401_2_1_1     2492718800_2_3_1

Go dancing in black lace €39.99 or chill out in florals €29.99

7972026401_2_1_1     2398233401_1_1_1

Culottes are SO in, snap these up for €25.99 and the blue leather is ONLY €19.99!!

2969056800_2_2_1     7521060600_2_3_1

The black leather skirt is gorgeous. A highlight. I already have one which doesn’t get enough air time as it is so I have to pass but it’s a definite buy, €39.99. And it’s holiday time so the long flowy pretty one is a hit, €19.99.

2384631711_2_3_1    6164090405_2_1_1

Put these two together and what have you got? A hot tamali…waistcoat € 39.99 & jeans €25.99. Throw in a plain white vest and this necklace of pure genius…


which is only €17.99! Yeee-haw. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

But, a word to the wise, while I do say get in now and buy it up, leave it then for about three weeks and hit them again, they slash the prices and you will find some hidden gems for next to nothing. Trust me, never fails.

Jingle bells girls.

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