I’ve been Mango’ed

I was in the city yesterday at some meetings which finished early so…..shopping! And I was on my own with no buggy meaning I could go UPSTAIRS IN SHOPS…it’s the little things.

On my (window) shopping extravaganza I went into Mango…now, not usually my first port of call but I had time on my hands and a dress in the window caught my eye so in I went…


Was I glad I did, the clothes are UNREAL. I was in heaven and (no money) hell. But, I have a few on the wish list that will be mine…soon. Here for you, are the hot shots..

43043641_56 (1)

I am starting with the cracker that got me in, which I purchased…eeeks…€39.95

you see?? So then from my look around…some dresses, I like a good dress.






I like this one because it has this interesting paneling business going on.



Cute one for holidays now


It comes in a navy too but white is much the better choice I say… €39.95

This long drink of water right here…


Which doesn’t look too appealing on the model I’ll admit, but in real time, in the shop, it’s killer.

Moving on from getting your legs out, this shirt has me loved up.

41040206_99    41040206_99_R

Aww man, I’ll have to get it…€39.95

Next up…these two together, ehhhhh…see what I did there? Clashtastic!

41097640_02-43093621_99-41040243_99-43080307_99   41047668_99

Both are €59.95. Rocking outfit.

A bag.


There are no words. €29.95

And finally, a neckpiece…€19.95

53010265_PL_B (1)

Go Mango, or go home.

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