my maxi twist

My avid readers…(you two at the back there) will know that a couple of blog posts back…Rookies in fact…I earmarked a blue maxi from Zara for €49.95 that was, in as many was as you can say it, AMAZING.


So, I ordered it, we had beans for dinner that night, and it arrived yesterday. hoo-RAH!

Naturally, I’m like a kid in a candy shop with NO control so I am wearing it today and this is how I’ve styled it…


You will also note from an earlier post – The Affair of the Necklace – (keep up, there’ll be a quick fire round later…) that I love layering up chains, especially with a long dress. So, ehhhh, I’ve done that. Wedges (or flats) ALWAYS with a maxi for me. No heels. yucks.

Maximum effect.

Long blue necklace @ River Island; Double semi circle chain @ Forever21; Silver bar necklace @ H&M; Shoes @ Zara.

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