wrap it up

Another little tale of a fashion victory for your perusal….

I’m quite partial, of a Thursday (I don’t work Fridays, so Thursday is the new Friday and all that…) to have a glass of wine, crisps, all my taped TV, everyone else banned from the sitting room and usually a bit of online window shopping through ASOS and the like…ON MY PHONE, how marvellous! Just to see what’s there, no pressure, just a look…

During one of these (absolutely necessary) nights in I came across this little number on ASOS by First And I…


Cutie toots right (BAAAAAD SHOES)…obviously I had to have it, and it was only about €20, straight into order basket only to discover that it was SOLD OUT IN MY SIZE….5 words no woman should ever have to hear.

This baby was too good to let go, I mean, it’s the summer dress. And the SIZE of it wrapped up when packing for holidays, sure it’ll fold down into nothing. Which meant, fuelled by my wine and crisps etc., I decided to make it my mission to find it. Sure what else was I going to do, go out??? A mad google image search ensued of ‘pink patterned floral wrap dress’ and after mucho scrolling through decidedly NOT floral wrap dresses…ah, the internet…I found it!


Rock n’roll.

On sportsdirect.co.uk (Indeed.) for the princely sum of £25, see…


and now, it’s all mine, and my wardrobe is a happier place.


Easy as First And I

Dress by First And I @ sportsdirect.co.uk; Shoes @ Penneys; Necklace @ H&M

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