Divide and conquer

This is a quickie….but a goodie!

So there I was in Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin, just out of the movies with ALL my children…aces ALTOGETHER, so calm, So relaxing, SOothing even……….!

ANNNNNYway we’re on our way back to car park and we pass H&M and this is in the window…


Not the shorts! Ehhhhhh three kids…No, the patterned extravaganza, gorgeous. In fact I liked it SO much, I went in with the aforementioned THREE of them and bought both items on the spot. Top/Dress €19.99 & Trousers €29.99. Went home. Delighted.


When trying it on it didn’t work, I looked like I was a little crazed and had thrown on something straight out of the shower because the doorbell went. Disaster, you say?? Opportunity, I reply…I divided it up into two…challenge accepted!

Exhibit A…


And Exhibit B…


Ya-ha! I got two looks for the price of one! Sweet. You’ll find all the information on the extras used etc. in both the looks on my Instagram page, now you HAVE to go check it out, right!?…c’mon over baby…

Impulse shopping 0 emmaisthenewblack 1

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