communion rite

The communion. People get so tied up in knots over THE COMMUNION. Like chill out. Chill. Out.

So, we did it, and we did it well and the outfit looked amazing and I got it all for under €100. I mean, WHY would you go mad on one day for a 7 year old?? Now, of course, when me and the daughter, Althea, went on our shopping trip for the dress she went straight for the crazy prices aisle but I was having NONE of it. For three reasons…firstly my obsession with the bargains and the “wow, you only spent how much?” reaction. Next because I only have one girl so no one to hand the dress down to. And finally, because she refused to change out of it when we got home as she wanted all her mates to see how pretty she was looking (and so she should) and had she been in a spendy dress playing in the garden and spilling juice I would have been quaffing even more wine to calm my nerves…

So, she stayed in the dress all day and it’s in a poor state in the laundry basket upstairs but do I care…no….it cost €45 from Next. No biggie.

So here she is…..the cutie cat….


ta dah! gorgeous, right? so let’s go through it….

The dress was from Next as I said and only €45…so already we were thrilled with ourselves out in Liffey Valley on THE shopping trip. Then we got the hairband in Next too, which was a (ridiculous if you ask me) €13….but you know, I splashed out there!!! The shoes were from Dunnes and came in at €25 and the socks were €2.50 from Penneys…and that is ALL I SPENT…oh yes…come on down Nana (my mom) who crocheted the cape AND bag. Also making a star appearance is my sister who lent Althea her vintage gloves and we’re done. That’s it, pure easy and look at her…beauts….

Another shot I feel, just to show you she can pose just like her mom…


Work it Althea.

Gratuitious shot of the cake that my sister made….


Excellent! She is available ladies for cake making….@heypesto is where you will find her on twitter….


My outfit….

Here it is…


The dress is from ASOS which I got my mom to buy me for Christmas…yes I DO plan ahead…as I loved it and saved it for the communion so it felt brand new and the shoes I had, they are from Zara…meaning my outfit was free!

There you go, communion DONE for less than €100.


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