the high kings of zara

You may or may not have noticed by now, but a lot of my stuff comes from Zara. Big fan. HUGE.

But did you know that nowadays they are doing about 20-30 special price items which are cheap as chips and usually pretty good. However I was up there at lunchtime today, window shopping my ass off, and none of the lovely finds were in store, they usually are, but not today. Never fear though as you can still get them online, and sure that’s grand…glass of wine in hand, friday night, buying some lovely things and getting them delivered to your door. Let’s go…

Here’s my favourites from the special prices aisle…







Boots €25.99; Dress €17.95; Ski pants €12.99; Sweater (which would be really cute with the ski pants) €12.95; Bag (think holidays, beach bag, and if it gets wrecked it cost you tiny money) €29.95; Cuff €14.95

So you see some pretty good bargains, definitely worth keeping an eye out on the site to see what they have, it changes quite frequently so there’s always something to suit everyone.


Having said that…

Look at these beauties that are the normal prices for Zara….I still need to aim high!

this piece of loveliness…


which is €69.95, so y’know not mad money, but not something i could just pop in and buy without feeling some guilt! like the kids need new shoes and all that…

And these little drops of heaven right here

2605001002_2_2_1 2605001002_2_4_1

stop the LIGHTS….€69.95 again…I will HAVE these.

and finally, the big kahuna


this is €109…which like, could NEVER happen, unless my man is feeling generous for my birthday or I clear my credit card balance. BUT. LOOK. AT. IT.


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