This jacket.. I have had this jacket for YEARS, my boyfriend bought me these awful, like really bad, pair of tartan shoes for my birthday one year…remember tartan was huge years back, like 2009 I think…it was everywhere. Anyway these shoes, man they were grim. OBVIOUSLY they were exchanged, for….this jacket! I’d say I’ve worn it about five times since, which brings me to my point…throw out NOTHING! Of course there are duds (or much loved bits that, quite literally,  fall apart) which should go immediately. But things you like? Keep forever, you never know when you’re going to need stuff. I mean I’ve done it, I’ve been half dressed with an outfit in my head and then gone to my wardrobe for the appropriate top or skirt and realised, godammit, I threw that out…back to the drawing board baby! Imagine this morning if I’d got dressed and was like…”y’know what would finish this outfit off, a tartan jacket, now where did I put………noooooooooooooooooo!” So my rule is, if you love it, keep it! I mean, look how happy I am in my old jacket!   ehhhhhhh actually, can I also say I’ve had the shoes for even longer, but that’s another story… Oldies are goodies.   Jacket (although, wild stab in the dark, I’d say it’s out of stock) @ Topshop; Top @ Penneys; Trousers @ Zara; Shoes @ Oasis; Bag @ Zara; Sunglasses @ Asos

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