the fabric



My name is Emma Carty and I am a clothes addict. That said let me also start by saying the budget is tight. VERY tight.

I love clothes, LOVE them and I have been shopping, both for real and window!, for over 20 years, since my first payslip in fact. My wardrobe is packed out with all sorts of everything and the shoe situation is OUT OF CONTROL…

But then these guys came along….


Which kind of put the kibosh on my first love…
Now my shopping money is essentially all gone, apart from the occasional treat. But that just makes looking good for peanuts even more of a challenge…and I love a challenge. I’m a bargain hunter, I love the feeling of getting something which looks amazing for a tiny price. Pure rush.

The most I have ever spent on one thing is €100, that was on this gorgeous Peter O’Brien for a|wear coat (which was €250), which I nabbed on sale…


Speaking of nabbing, a confession: I’m a lurker. Once I spot something in a store (let’s say ZARA – as they have the best sales … sadly only twice a year, but still!), I’ll watch it, visit it, return to it – sometimes over weekend, sometimes over months. I’ll wait until it hits a price I’m happy to pay…then I swoop. If I miss out? No big deal, there’s plenty more pencil skirts in the sea. But if I get it…! Like this little beauty that was in ZARA sale. It was €60 and I eventually got it for €7.99…soooo good

$_1-1  $_1-2

Which I styled up like this…


So you see, the highstreet for me, is where its at.

As the Art Director of Irish Tatler for 13 years, I have seen every catwalk trend there is and while I admire,  and love to look through,  catwalk designs, I tend not to follow trends, preferring to buy what I like and make it work for me. I have been dressing up and putting looks together for as long I can remember. So now, after being asked countless times by friends ‘where did you get that?’ and backing from colleagues of this idea to start up a blog showcasing my outfits, well, here it is! I want to show how easy it can be to look good on a budget.

I really hope you like it



MAIN SHOT: Culottes @ Asos; Blouse @ Zara; Shoes @ Dunnes Stores; Necklace @ Zara; Sunglasses @ Asos

SECOND SHOT: Jumpsuit @ Zara; Coat @ Penneys; Shoes @ Zara; Necklace @ Topshop; Bracelets @ Alex&Ani; Ring @ Asos

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